Best White for Baseboards & Trim

Written by
Eliseo Linares
on December 10, 2020

It might seem like choosing a white for your home will be an easy task. Trust us, it’s not! Some homeowners spend hours vexing over the right white.

Is a paint too warm? Too cool? What finish is best?

As any quality painter will tell you, to know if a certain paint will look great in your home, you need to do a small test run. However, with that said, we can give you a solid recommendation that 99% of people are going to love.

1. The Type of Paint

First off, you simply can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore Advance paint. Do you need to paint the entire house with it? No, as it’s pricier than most. But for baseboards and trim in white, Benjamin Moore Advance is going to do better than the competition, Sherwin Williams included. Just our two cents.

2. The Finish

Now that we have the type of paint nailed down, what about the finish? Many default to semi gloss, and that can be great in certain homes. But we recommend taking a look at satin for modern homes. Satin can still be cleaned, and retains a nice contrast again the walls, but at times provides a more modern look than semi gloss. Again, sometimes we recommend semi-gloss in older Bowling Green homes as it’s ideal for the decor. But for many homes satin works much better.

3. The Color of White

Believe or not, the insane amount of options for white paint can be daunting. The primary color of paint you have in your home, the exposure to outside light, the type of ceiling… and the list goes on. Here are some pointers:

a) If your room has a northern exposure, your walls might look cooler.

b) If you have southern exposure, they might look warmer.

c) Cool or warm light bulbs make a massive difference in how paint hits at night.

d) Some heavy, solid colors might require a certain type of white.

So with the above said, we’ve had massive success with Benjamin Moore Simply White. If you research the color, you’re going to hear people say Simply White has a slight yellow tone to it. Even though this is technically true, you will not see it. The yellow just slightly warms the white up.

If your home walls are a cold blue, purple or red, Simply White probably isn’t the best choice. You can look at Benjamin More Super White. But that’s definitely going to be a cooler feel.

If your walls are a warmer gray like Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray, or even a soft pink, Simply White is gorgeous.

Pictured above is Benjamin Moore Simply White in one of our Bowling Green customer’s homes. It’s situated against a gray wall paper pattern. The trim is Benjamin Moore Advance and the ceiling is Benjamin Moore Aura in matte (matte is ever so slightly shinier than flat, but you will not see it).

Here is Simply White in a pink room. The bed frame was already painted another white (not sure on the color) but the trim and door were painted with Simply White.

Benjamin Moore | Eliseo Remodeling

Here is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray on the walls with Benjamin Moore Simply White on the posts, trim and ceiling. The interior lighting is warm along with afternoon light coming in to the right off picture.

In Conclusion

You’ll notice that Simply White takes on different looks based on the surrounding colors in the photos above. If you’re after a white that isn’t too cool, we think Simply White is hard to beat!

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Eliseo Linares | Eliseo Remodeling
Written By
Eliseo Linares

Founder of Eliseo Remodeling, Eliseo is experienced in many aspects of home remodeling work including masonry, wood flooring, tiles, drywall and painting. He works with his sons and serves the greater Bowling Green, KY area.

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